Tuesday, April 19, 2022


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Raymond Lam hopes to work with TVB more

AGA was once depressed when the pandemic cancelled her concerts, luckily now she is happy again
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Raymond Lam has not appeared on a TVB music program for five or six years, so he was a little anxious

AGA would not announce her Hong Kong Coliseum concert dates until three months after the approval out of fear of jinxing it.
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Raymond Lam Fung, AGA (Kong Hoi Ka), Ying Chi Yuet, Sabrina Cheung Man Sa and other singers attended the taping of JADE SOLID GOLD yesterday. Away from Television City for three or four years already, Lam Yung admitted that he was a little anxious, because participating in a music program as a singer was even rarer. Luckily he saw a group of familiar faces on and off screen, which made him feel as happy as a homecoming. As for whether he would work with TVB or Shaw again, he admitted that he kept an open mind.

During the pandemic, Lam Fung also had more time to spend with his family. Just completing the film WALLED IN (GAU LUNG SING JAI WAI SING), he said that he was wounded all over from fighting in the film. "Basically everyday after work I had new injuries. After I got home my daughter would see, point and scream, 'ouchie', but I felt much better when she treated it." Speaking of cinemas returning tomorrow, Lam Fung cheered. "I had a part in DETECTIVE VS SLEUTHS (SUN TAM DAI JIN), which took 3 years to make. I hope to be able to enjoy this film at the movies. I have 4 movies in stock: DETECIVE VS. SLEUTHS, AH MAK CHUNG GUAN, BACK TO THE PAST (CHUM CHUN GEI) and WALLED IN. All of them were my effort, I hope to be able to see everyone's response when they would be released."

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