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Raymond Lam appears on ViuTV as a singer
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Raymond Lam would return home to TVB for JADE SOLID GOLD taping today

Raymond Lam appears on ViuTV as a Warner singer 

Raymond Lam's Mainland series IN THE STORM would air on Hong Kong Open Television
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Raymond Lam Fung yesterday appeared on the ViuTV music program CHILL CLUB and performed his new songs THE VOICE OF LOVE (CHEUNG CHING GOR DIK YUN) and STILL NAIVE (YAU JI MEI YUEN). In a new look with a short hair he looked a little more plump than before. He said that earlier when he worked on the film WALLED IN (GAU LUNG SING JAI) he had to cut his hair short. When he was at work he was the thinnest. Now that the film has already wrapped up production, he kept the short hair look since he thought it was rather sharp and smart. Due to the pandemic, he had to personally teach his one year and a half old daughter how to read. He also revealed that he intended on adding a sibling for his daughter.

Because his new film with Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Simon Yam Tat Wa, NOI MOK (INSIDE INFORMATION) has not confirmed a production start date yet, Lam Fung said that lately he has been concentrating on television appearances to promote his new songs as a singer. Yesterday he went to ViuTV for the first time, which felt very fresh to him. Today he would return home to appear on JADE SOLID GOLD. Cable would soon air his series IN THE STORM (HAK GUM FUNG BO). He would follow suit and promote there? Lam Fung said, "Music wise I appear as a Warner singer, I want to go to every music program. It would depend on the company's scheduling. I hope to make songs everyone would like. Actually I haven't released a Cantonese song in several years!" Was he afraid of making TVB mad? Lam Fung said that singers appearing on music programs big and small were very normal, something to be happy about. Did he still have a contract with TVB? He said, "No, nice and clean!"

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