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G STORM (G FUNG BO) was released on New Year's Eve last year for 6 days before the pandemic ceased all cinema operations. After almost 4 months cinemas returned, the film yesterday opened again as well. The cast including Louis Koo Tin Lok, Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen), Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, DaDa Chan Jing, Michael Tse Tin Wa, Toby Chan Ting Yan, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung and others was rather grateful, since the audience would be able to see the film again. As the anti-corruption storm film series' final chapter, the production was heavily invested. The Space Museum explosion near the end was a lot of fun for viewers. Playing a G4 agent, Chilam was required to lead Jessica, Toby, Si Hing and Xia Yan out of the explosion and run for their lives!

Chilam said that he and Jessica have not worked together for years, but both stayed in great shape. He said, "with Jessica actually it really was just we just finished working together yesterday. I didn't feel any different from working together again. Of course her acting is even more mature, and I see that she is very serious on the set. She hopes to make every line of dialogue, every shot its best, she really is an actor with a lot of potential!" Jessica said that this time the entire G4 team worked very pleasantly together, behind the scenes they would chat, joke around, the atmosphere was great. Playing a G4 agent, Chan Ting Yan also put in a lot of effort. He needed to put on a bloody make up and ran bare foot on the uneven ground. However before hand she already taped up her feet to protect them.

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