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Carina Lau Ka Ling yesterday attended a French jewelry Chaumet specialty shop opening. She stated that she already was the most valuable to her husband Tony Leung, but he would choose a watch or cuff links for his Valentine's Day gift. THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI) received great reviews and became the Berlin Film Festival opening film. Ka Ling praised Wai Jai's performance as a great breakthrough. "As a viewer, I saw a different Leung Chiu Wai. He is even more solid, even without much body movement he still has a force. With him in it the screen is very pretty! Maybe I am biased!" Some said that THE GRANDMASTERS focus fell on Zhang Ziyi. Ka Ling did not feel that Wai Jai's role was too little. She believed that perhaps his performance was too exciting, viewers misunderstood because they did not get enough. She complimented, "The biggest pleasant surprise is (Max) Zhang Jun, I never imagine that he would act so well. Under Wong Kar Wai's camera he is very charming! Zhang Ziyi is great, she achieves Master Gong Er's pursuit of her dream without any consideration for the consequence. I too hope to play a role but I didn't get one!"

Reportedly Song Hye-Kyo's role was drastically cut. Ka Ling felt that the most important was to bring everyone visual effects and give viewers a peek into Wong Kar Wai's martial art world. She stressed, "Wong Kar Wai loves every one of his actors and makes them very pretty. He loves Chang Chen too. Although Chang Chen only has two scenes he stood out." Was she confident that Wai Jai will win Best Actor again with THE GRANDMASTERS? Ka Ling felt that it was not important, the most important was Wai Jai enjoyed the production process. Everyone would see the result. She pointed out that Wai Jai over 4 years in order to make THE GRANDMASTERS was in a tense condition. After completing the promotion he would take some time to relax. "He may not go on a vacation, at home he can be very relaxed. I would create a comfortable environment for him. Whatever he wants to do he can do."

Wai Jai in Taiwan said that he had not parenthood plan. Ka Ling admitted that they had a detailed discussion and felt with today's advanced technology if they wanted a child they definitely could. They just did not want to deliberately have one. She said, "We are very comfortable and carefree, if we have an accident we would keep it. This would be destiny, but we won't be deliberate."

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