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Timmy Hung's mother
The baby was to be born on February 5, but the baby's head is too big to wait
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TJ looks like his grandfather
Sammo Hung jokingly calls his grandson "Great Lord Hung"
Timmy Hung walks Sammo Hung and Joyce Godenzi out after they see their grandson
Timmy Hung accompanies his wife to the hospital
Janet Chow and Timmy Hung dine with Nicholas Tse and Philip Ng before giving birth
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Timmy Hung Tin Ming and Janet Chow Ka Wai's son TJ was born. He weighed 7 pound 6 ounces. As Sammo Hung Kam Bo became a grandfather, his grandson looked exactly like Grandfather; with Big Brother's presence, even Grandpa called the baby "Great Lord Hung". The position of the oldest son's child was extraordinary. Hung Kam Bo was so excited that his mouth dried up, as he joked that he would give even his life to his grandson.

Chow Ka Wai chose the day for the cesarean operation. Yesterday at 9AM her husband Hung Tin Ming took her to the hospital for the birth. Both Tin Ming and Ka Wai's mothers also kept them company. Tin Hung after settling in with his life went to the hospital lobby to speak with the media and told them that the operation was scheduled for 2PM.

Around 3PM, Hung Tin Ming announced the good news to the awaiting media and said that his son was born, weighed 7 pound 6 ounces and both mother and son were fine. He said that tears rushed out when he took his first glimpse of the baby, but he did not want to cry during the happy occasion. Thus he held back his tears. Hung Tin Ming was very touched and amazed, in particular when he heard his son's cries. He was very grateful to see the very healthy baby.

He said, "During the ultrasound I already saw the baby's 'big one', at the time (Kevin) Cheng Ka Wing joked that the baby might be Black. Now I am not worried at all!"

He also said that his son looked like grandpa Hung Kam Bo. Because during birth the child retained water, he hoped that later the child would look like him or Ka Wai. The baby was better off looking like Mommy because she was prettier. Tin Hung described the baby's cry was very strong, and he did not rest until he heard the cry. However he never expected the newborn cry to sound like the geese at the zoo; Tin Hung's description as a father was truly hilarious. He said that Ka Wai immediately gave the baby a kiss. Because he still had a cough he was unable to kiss the baby.

Originally Hung Tin Ming brought photography equipment to capture the birth of his son, but he was unable to because the operating room did not permit photography. At first he struggled with whether he should cut the baby's umbilical cord because Nicholas Tse Ting Fung told him that the moment of the cut was like harming the baby. Finally the doctor made the cut. Tin Ming was not permitted to make the cut anyway.

Grandfather Hung Kam Bo arrived at the hospital later to see the baby. Around 7PM he, his wife Joyce Godenzi and Hung Tin Ming spoke with reporters. He originally wore a medical mask, but he removed it and was all smiles when he met with reporters. Did his grandson look like him? Hung Kam Bo joked, "That's no surprise, I am handsome!" Was he so happy to see his grandson that he was drooling? He said that he was so happy his mouth was dried. He was afraid of spreading germs to the baby and has yet to hold him.

What gift would Hung Kam Bo give his grandson? He said, "I give him my life, in the future I would leave everything to my son and he would leave them to him." He also praised his daughter in law Chow Ka Wai, the most important was for the entire family to live happily. Hung Kam Bo said, "In life and friendship too, after growing up together any argument is unimportant. There is no point to run in each other and pretend you don't know each other. At age 60 we can still meet, happiness is the most important. If we aren't happy then we see each other less." Would he name his grandson? He said, "Great Lord Hung! Tin Ming and I have different ideas, maybe father and son will fight for it; they are in charge of his English name."

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