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Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Zhang Ziyi and other actors continue to promote their film THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI) nonstop. Wai Jai promoted in Guangzhou with Ip Man's oldest son Ip Chun and Max Zhang Jun. The outside generally praised Wai Jai as Ip Man had a grand master aura. Wai Jai humbly said that now at this age he would not lose his head over compliments but would appreciate everyone's support very much. He has already used his greatest strength as an actor to perform. Wai Jai even said that he believed he had to watch the film until the 9th time before he would be done, because he watched the first time for what scenes were removed, the second time for his own expressions, the third time or other actors' performance, the fourth time for the story structure, the fifth time for costumes and sets, the sixth to the ninth time he would finally consider in depth what director Wong Kar Wai wanted to say. He revealed that the most regrettable was not being able to provide his voice for the Mandarin version, he even joked that if life had no regret it lacked joy as well.

Wai Jai said, "Once (Stephen) Chow Sing Chi said, 'Let me tell you what Wing Chun is.' I said, 'I know.' He said, "We are friends, I know you are studying this, I just want to help. After you hear what I say if it's useful use it, if not then whatever.'"

Zhang Ziyi went to Beijing cinemas for close distance exchanges with the audience. She even turned into "Master Gong Er" and practiced the Eight Diagram palm with the audience. Would actors blame directors who work slowly like Wong Kar Wai? Zhang Ziyi said that the energy that he put in would definitely be more than that of the actors. Thus she loved Wong Kar Wai for giving a lot from body and soul; she even revealed that she will work on a John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) directed film soon.

Wong Jing earlier online took a jab at Wong Kar Wai for spending so much time and money on THE GRANDMASTERS, but after watching the film yesterday he finally praised Wong Kar Wai online.

Yesterday morning Wong JIng wrote, "I realize that people who dislike THE GRANDMASTERS really don't understand what his intention is. Do you think Wong Kar Wai can't make the entire film as exciting and entertaining as the battle in the rain and Ziyi eradicating Zhang Jun at the train station? However that would be no different from (Wilson) Yip Wai Shun's, he must use all of Wong Kar Wai's style to make this film well in order for it to be a real success! I admire that you are able to withstand countless pressure to make the movie like this. From 1988 to now, this is the first time that I completely concede."

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