Thursday, January 31, 2013


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Artist Michelle Wai Si Nga returned to her original name. Adding her last name back to her stage name, she explained, "At first I thought an artist with a two word stage name would sound better and be easier when writing. Yet many often confused me with (Shiga) Lin Si Nga. once someone asked me, 'Is your last name Lin?' Actually the name was really confusing for people. My last name was Wai so I went back to Wai Si Nga!" Wai Si Nga recently worked on one of the stories in HARDCORE COMEDY (CHONG HAU MEI), which she felt was very challenging. "Actually the last year went very smoothly for me. At the beginning of the year I wished for a cosmetic ad campaign and it came true. My 2012 movies although might not be all leads for me, I had room to perform in every film. I have always wanted to make a comedy. The chance was hard to come by and this year I finally got it." Wai Si Nga admitted that comedy was hard, the first condition was a special face. Her face was not exaggerated enough, thus she could only spend more time on studying the character. "I hope to be able to be a successful comedy actress, for everyone to see me and laugh and to be able to share joy with everyone!"

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