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Max Zhang Jun recently with the film THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI)'s Ma San won all the applause of the audience and rose in the film industry; yet still some said that he relied on his wife Ada Choi Siu Fun for his opportunity. However how easy would it be to rise on interpersonal relationship in this business today? The former national wushu champion Zhang Jun dared to say that he has suffered for his success; however he still thanked his wife for never looking down on him!

Known to be THE GRANDMASTERS villain, Zhang Jun is Choi Siu Fun's husband as well as a national wushu champion. After over a decade in the film industry he finally made a name for himself. How does he feel now and about outside speculation that he relied on his wife for his fame?

Z: Zhang Jun, R: Reporter

R: Earlier being called husband relying on wife to get rich, this time finally with THE GRANDMASTERS you have an outstanding performance. Do you feel you have proven them wrong?

Z: I am very happy about the audience recognition of me, but the accusation of me relying of my wife for fame is false! I never use my wife for speculation because it isn't positive and only has negative results. Instead I would try to avoid being together. I fought for every character myself, but in this business, I have to accept being talked about. Even if I made a few more THE GRANDMASTERS, people would still talk. I can't do anything about that, I can only accept that; I wouldn't blame anyone for thinking that because it's very normal. Show business is for people to talk about, if no one talks about you it's even sadder.

R: Do you feel that your wife Choi Siu Fun and child are lucky for your career?

Z: It's the Lord's arrangement, nothing is certain. Definitely someone is better than me in martial art, acting and looks. I am lucky, which I would especially cherish. Choi Siu Fun and the children are treasures that the Lord has blessed me with. From now on I would have more opportunities at work and would treat my family even better. Actually my wife already felt that I was good before I made this movie; I thank her very much to appreciate me all along. This is a wife's encouragement for her husband, which isn't easy. Before being recognized, I was already recognized in her heart. She isn't making it up. She understands me more and wouldn't look down on me because I haven't had a representative work after so many years. She instead values someone's ambition. As for me, indeed I wouldn't give up after acting for over ten years without any representative work. I keep on elevating myself. Now I have my representative work, I have a little success so nothing has been wasted.

R: Why would Wong Kar Wai cast you?

Z: Do you think Wong Kar Wai would approach me because of gossip? Of course not! Wong Kar Wai actually doesn't know me. Yuen Woo Ping introduced me to him. Because when I was a stunt coordinator Lord Eight had his eyes on me. Later when he learned that I was acting he recommended me, but I still had to pass Wong Kar Wai's round. This business is very practical. If you got it you got it, if not get lost. Wong Kar Wai wouldn't cast me because of someone.

R: (Tony) Leung Chiu Wai and Zhang Ziyi both complained about how tough THE GRANDMASTERS was to make. Did you feel a lot of pressure?

Z: After not making a movie for so long and the director was very demanding for both action and dramatic scenes, you had to have certain ability to endure. Luckily I had the determination, I wouldn't easily say I couldn't. On the other hand I might have learned something in these 3 years that I couldn't have learned over 10 years, I benefited a lot and I rather enjoyed it. Lord Eight and Wong Kar Wai are both my benefactors, Lord Eight with action and Wong Kar Wai with dramatic scenes. Sometimes I still feel very happy, the director liked a little actor lie me, taught me to have a romance with the camera when I act. The camera couldn't restrict me, and I had to lead the camera around. His words seemed mysterious, required for me to digest on my own and mix into the character. Lord Eight and Wong Kar Wai both encouraged me to continue to be a stunt coordinator. I never gave up. During the shoot I still grasped the opportunity to learn next to Lord Eight.

R: When you were little you suffered a lot, more so than while making THE GRANDMASTERS. What happened?

Z: Around 12, when I should be with my parents being spoiled, I joined the Chengdu professional wushu team. The coach was very mean, the training was very tough. I was really homesick and often cried. After growing up, I started to consider my future. After winning the championship I wanted to retire, but the nation cultivated me. I couldn't just say leave then leave, I struggled a lot about whether to keep on training. At the time I felt nauseous as soon as I saw the training ground, got dizzy and used foul language. Finally I persisted until the 8th athletic games and I was determined to retire. Although I was not permitted to go, was asked to stay on as a coach and to keep on competing, I had to start heading toward my childhood dream of becoming a kung fu star. Because I watched Lee Nin Kit (Jet Li)'s SHAOLIN TEMPLE I studied martial arts. After 10 or 20 years of training, I forgot my martial art training goal. After retirement I started toward this direction.

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