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Lily Hong and Jerry Lam
Mother Cheng returns to Hong Kong
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Dior Cheng Yi Kin and Yoyo Mung Ka Wai registered their marriage in Tokyo on Monday. They returned to Hong Kong last night, locking hands as they stepped out of the airport. 50 reporters covered their arrived. When they heard congratulatory "Mr. Cheng, Mrs. Cheng" repeatedly, they smiled sweetly and often displayed their platinum wedding rings. The groom even joked, "The most exciting part of the wedding is seeing so many reporters at this moment."

When asked how they felt, Cheng Yi Kin took the initiative and answered, "We are very happy. First we have to thank friends who wish us well, but we are sorry that we couldn't invite all our friends to witness the wedding. However we will dine with friends later." Will they hold a make up wedding banquet? Ekin was surprised and said, "Again? No way!" They were moved to tears at the wedding. Ekin joked, "As long as they were happy tears it's OK!" As for the bride Yoyo's emotions, Ekin replied, "The most exciting part is this moment when we see so many reporters."

Ekin revealed that they chose to register their marriage in Japan because they went there for their first trip together. Was the wedding certificate in Japanese? He jokingly answered to be continued and will register in Hong Kong as well. What did Ekin promise Mung Ka Wai in their vows? He said that he would not publicly say it. As for friends who complained that he was too secretive and missed the chance to witness the ceremony, he pointed out that his friend would understand. Because he would handle different friends differently, for example he would take his YOUNG AND DANGEROUS (GOO WAT JAI) friends to dine at Dai Pai Dong. However he also apologized to Wilson Chin Kwok Wai, because he knew he was busy with work he did not disturb him.

When asked whether Ekin was used to calling her Old Lady yet, Mung Ka Wai smiled sweetly and said, "Sometime he would forget." She also said that when she heard reporters kept calling her Mrs. Cheng, she too was getting used to this new title.

Guests also returned to Hong Kong. Two nights ago Cheng Yi Kin's mother, Jerry Lam Hiu Fung and Lily Hong Chi Nei returned to Hong Kong on the same flight. Mama Cheng was in a wheel chair. In order to witness her son's wedding she went to Japan. When asked whether she was touched to see her son starting a family, Mama Cheng remained silent and did not answer.

Lam Hiu Fung joked about Ekin's wedding, "I have never seen Ekin cry like this, he even told me to get away. I was moved to tears several times myself because I was happy for them." He did not know that Ekin was getting married before hand, only during the trip he was suddenly notified that they were going to a castle. Without any wedding gift prepared, he performed LOVE IS FOREVER for the newlyweds; Ekin also sang for Yoyo. He joked that before leaving Ekin asked him not to say too much, so he could personally make the announcement to the media when he returned to Hong Kong.

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