Thursday, January 17, 2013


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Twins yesterday attended a fashion show at the Disney hotel. The event prepared a cake to celebrate Gillian Chung Yun Tung's birthday in advance. How will Ah Gil and her Korean boyfriend celebrate her first birthday since they have been together? Ah Gil said that the night before she will have to attend the Top Ten Chinese Gold Song Award. Would her boyfriend give her a surprise? She said, "We will celebrate, but he didn't mention any surprise." The fan club later will celebrate with Ah Gil, but Ah Sa will not be able to attend as she will be out of town.

Speaking of the Hong Kong Film Critic Society not presenting the Best Actress award, Ah Sa said that it reflected the sad state of Hong Kong actresses now. "Now most movie subjects are more masculine, co-productions are often Hong Kong actors paired with Mainland actresses. Our development opportunities have thus become less. Have our livelihood been stolen? You can't say that, it's the market trend."

Ah Sa said that she will support Hong Kong domestic films more. "Actually now our Hong Kong film salaries have been reduced by half. Because usually Hong Kong film investments are smaller, giving you most of the money is impossible. The production would become very small otherwise."

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