Friday, January 18, 2013


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Raymond Lam Fung and Kate Tsui Tsz Shan yesterday attended a watch flagship store opening. Lam Fung recently has been preparing for his concerts but still had endless gossip, as he was rumored to be in a half live in relationship with Karena Ng Chin Yu. The "BB" he referred to at the award show as Chin Yu; Lam Fung seemed to be prepared and asked reporters, "Don't you have news to ask me about?" He reiterated that he and Ng Chin Yu were only good friends, he has never even heard of the residence in the report. "When I saw the headline even I was surprised, I have never been to or seen the residence in the report. (Are you renting it out?) No, I don't know what happened! I thank the magazine for increasing my exposure before the concert, but I don't want this type of promotion. To be fair, I have been a new comer as well. I hope people don't write about her like that, twisting the truth. This would be so sad!" Lam Fung rarely responded to the rumor and even defended the other party. "I have been new myself, when new comers arrived they definitely have a variety of news. Ultimately the society needs positive energy, don't write about things that even we don't know about."

Lam Fung clarified that "BB" in his thank you speech was a family member but he did not deny Ng Chin Yu's praise that he was the most "chok" when he was sleeping. "She and I have worked together on movies, during which we had breaks. Of course she has seen me sleep. Because I have to fight for rest, I am used to sleeping steadily and not moving at all."

Tsz Shan was dressed in red and did not hesitate to lean forward to dot the dancing lions' eyes. Her Lunar New Year film I LOVE HONG KONG 2013 (NGOR OI HK 2013 GUNG HEI FAT CHOI) reportedly might be postponed its Mainland release for two weeks due to inspection issues. Tsz Shan screamed, "Really? I haven't heard about that, this news is too horrifying since my role is larger than in past years. I really hope this news isn't real, ultimately the Mainland market is very important."

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