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Ethan Juan (Yuen King Tin) in January last year served his military term at the "high age" of 29 and was assigned to New Taipei City Government Education Department for a substitute service. Since he performed well, as the Golden Horse Best Actor worked on 7 Taiwan City Government promotional ads in one breath and served as the New Taipei Holiday Art School lecturer, he saved the government a lot of promotional fee. He chose to donate blood before the end of his service and received another day of "holiday". Yesterday at 5PM he personally went to Banqiao Stadium to pick up his military retirement certificate and officially end his military life. When Siu Tin appeared the media flocked to him. He said that after his service he became more patient. After his retirement he really wanted to return home to Taichung because he has not been with his family for a long time. He did not have any plan to celebrate with his girlfriend Tiffany Hsu.

Before his military service Siu Tin had an agreement with Peter Chan Ho Sun. Famous director Hou Hsiao-Hsien's new film THE ASSASSIN will pair Siu Tin with Shu Qi and reportedly aim for this year's Cannes Film festival. Thus conceivably Siu Tin could only "take a little break". Doze Niu Chen-Zer's new film MILITARY PARADISE also has Siu Tin locked in for the first lead. He said, "I am scared. If Director Doze won't make me suffer he won't give up." On the 13th he will fly ot Milan for a fashion show. Because he has not "face the masses" in a long time, he said that he was perturbed.

As Siu Tin "regained freedom", many Hong Kong producers and directors have their eyes on him. Paco Wong and Wong Jing praised him to be a good actor. The former even said, "With a director and a right script, I won't eliminate the possibility of a collaboration." Universe's Daneil Lam Siu Keung admitted that he was already interested in working with Siu Tin before his military service; Chapman To Man Jat who has participated in film producer work also said, "I remember very much in MY QUEEN he and Cheryl Yang had a break up scene on the roof, which got me crying. An idol actor with acting abilities is very rare, a chance to work together would be a honor." Emperor executive Mani Fok Man Hei also said, "As long as an actor has potential we want to work with him!"

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