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Albert Yeung
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Lim Por-yuen's first wife Lai Yuen-fong passed away at the age of 103
U Po-chu is so saddened that she needs assistance from his son and daughter in law
Peter Lam
Peter Lam's former wife Tse Ling Ling pays her respect to Madame Lam
Peter Lam's rumored girlfriend Michelle avoids the camera
Lam Kin Ming forces a smile as he and his daughters speak with the media
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The late businessman Lim Por-yen's first wife Lam Lai Yuen-fong passed away due to illness at the age of 103. Yesterday a wake was held at the Hong Kong funeral home. The funeral was a Buddhist ceremony as several monks chanted. Many of the political and business world came to pay their respect.

Lim Por-yen's second wife U Po-chu was teary eyed and looked sadden. She left in the company with her youngest son Lam Kin Hong and daughter in law Wong Ning Yim. The former wife of U Po-chu's son Peter Lam Kin Ngok, Tse Ling Ling, and his rumored girlfriend Michelle both appeared. Madame Lam had a great relationship with Tse Ling Ling. Tse Ling Ling said that she missed her very much and she was very nice.

Around 8PM, Lam Kin Ming's 3 daughters Wai San, Wai Kei and Wai Yin began to burn offerings for their grandmother. When asked about memories of her grandmother, Wai Kei looked sad and was reluctant to talk. Around 9PM, Lam Kin Ming and his three daughters met with the media. Speaking of his mother, he was teary eyed. "I am much calmer now. Ultimately Mama has been sick for over two years. 10 years ago we already made preparations and the will was completed. With all five generations together, maybe she wanted to see my son Hau Shun get married and start his family." Lam Kin Ming originally planned a birthday banquet for his mother to take place in the next two weeks. He remembered that from childhood his mother has urged him to "help Papa".

Albert Yeung Sau Sing came to pay his respect. He said that he was friendly with the Lam family, in the past he was invited to attend Madame Lam's birthday banquet and he was familiar with Lam Kin Ming and Lam Kin Ngok.

The Lam family published a memorial program with many life and family photos of Madame Lam. Son King Ming, daughter Suk Ying and granddaughters Wai San and Wai Kei all wrote eulogies. The altar was decorated in white. Due to the sheer number of floral arrangements, they reached outside the funeral home.

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