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In the film YOUNG AND DANGEROUS: RELOADED (GOO WAT JAI: GONG WU SUN DIT JUI) Law Chung Him played the classic character Chan Ho Nam. He admitted that it felt completely different from the past classic YOUNG AND DANGEROUS. He said, "Actually this time in the film we are small time hoods who aren't even qualified to show up for a gang fight, later after joining Brother Bee we are officially in. However in the story Chan Ho Nam won't keep playing with his lighter like before. Because it's been over ten years since the previous YOUNG AND DANGEROUS, we had to progress with the times. In the film we call for back up and gang fight with WhatsApp. We won't be brave, we will be afraid to die."

Law Chung Him was very happy to catch Wong Jing's eyes to play Chan Ho Nam. He said, "The first time Brother Jing said to me that he was asking me to make YOUNG AND DANGEROUS to play one of the characters. At that time I thought which character would I play? Later when I found out it was Chan Ho Nam, at that moment I wanted to smile from the corners of my mouth! However I held it back."

The film YOUNG AND DANGEROUS not only had Law Chung Him as Chan Ho Nam, but also Jazz Lam Chi Sin as Pou-Pan, Dominic Ho Ho Man as Dai Tin Yee, and an all new ensemble. Lam Chi Sin said that the cast this time consisted of buddies. In addition due to the fresh pairing he gladly participated in it. He said, "At first when I took this movie, I wanted to know which actor would be in it. because I was afraid of affecting the previous YOUNG AND DANGEROUS movie feel. When I learned that it had Law Chung Him, (Oscar) Leung Lit Wai and Ho Ho Man, they were all my buddies. In addition the story was about brotherhood, I believed it would be very fun and it was very suitable! Brother Jing also took good care of me so I agreed right away."

Lam Chi Sin said that he played the Pou Pan character from an all new angle. Constantly sucking on a Chupa Chup and listening to his headphones were his ideas." Ho Ho Man played the explosive Dai Tin Yee. In the film he ran a food stall business, but the production was so realistic that real neighbors attempted to give him business. He said, "In one scene Pou Pan and I operated a small street noodle stall. In front of the store we placed two prop tables. When the team broke for meals they sat by these two tables. Suddenly someone jumped in and sat down, so I asked the production assistant if he was an extra. Later I heard that client said, 'when did a noodle shop open here', then I realized that the neighbor made a mistake!"

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