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Ekin Cheng makes his wedding announcement online with two heart reply from Yoyo Mung
Someone ran into Ekin at lunch with his family yesterday.  Ekin went to order noodles while Yoyo Mung checked her phone for messages
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The 45 year old Dior Cheng Yi Kin married the 40 year old Yoyo Mung Ka Wai. Two days ago they had a low key wedding in Tokyo, Japan. They experienced some turbulence over their 7 year relationship and finally they wed. Ekin Cheng was very touched to have a wife and could not stop crying, as Mung Ka Wai successfully became Mrs. Cheng. Yesterday the good news spread and industry insiders all sent their well wishes, including Cheng Yi Kin's three old flames Luisa Lai Chi San, Maggie Siu Mei Kei and Gigi Leung Wing Kei.

Ekin Cheng wed two days ago and yesterday he announced the good news online. He posted a "wedding photo" with a teddy bear couple with the letters "E" and "Y". The bear that represented Mung Ka Wai even wore a wedding veil. Ekin posted, "We have entered another stage of life, we are grateful! From now on we are no longer alone, thank you!" The new Mrs. Cheng Yung Ka Wai replied with two hearts. Only 40 peoples attended the Mung Mein mystery wedding, all were the closest to them. Industry insiders included Sandy Lam San San and her boyfriend, Jerry Lam Hiu Fung and his wife as well as Chan Kwong Wing.

When Ekin announced the good news, his manager Lam San San gave live reports from overseas and sent wedding photos to the media. However 3 of the 4 photos were teddy bear wedding photos. The new couple's wedding photo was a blurry reproduction. The bride Ekin Cheng wore a bow tie and the bride Mung Ka Wai wore a black evening dress; the most important was they both had happy smiles on their faces.

Lam San San was one of the wedding guests. She said that this wedding was a surprise invitation. Over a month ago she received a notice, "Time? Dinner?" Then over a week before she received another, "Time? Dinner? Tokyo?" San San said, "I know Ekin's personality, it would be a big deal so I didn't dare to ask more. Because the invitations were to individuals, everyone booked their flights and hotels." Guests who went to Tokyo to attend the wedding did not know who would attend the mystery wedding, when they arrived in Japan they received notice on the time when the bus would wait for them in front of the hotel.

The wedding took place at a restaurant, a very beautiful castle with flowers for decoration. They held a small party, a small wedding, Ekin and Yoyo said their vows. San San said, "Yoyo was crying as soon as she came out, I never expected Ekin to be unable to stop crying after a few words. He thanked everyone for coming." She also said that the most touching moment of the wedding was when Ekin said, "Old Lady!" Chan Kwong wing and Lam Hiu Fung also called, "Ah Soh" and ended the beautiful evening. Because of the surprise invitation, Lam San San did not prepare any gift. The wedding banquet was French cuisine. Guests sat at 7 tables, it was intimate and warmth.

Ekin and Mung Ka Wai will spend their honeymoon in Japan but will return to Hong Kong in days because groom Ekin Cheng in early February will have to attend an event in Macau. Their mystery wedding in Tokyo left many friends unable to personally attend. Among his YOUNG AND DANGEROUS (GOO WAT JAI) brothers only Lam Hiu Fung attended. Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Michael Tse Tin Wa and others were unable to appear. Even his buddy Wilson Chin Kwok Wai due to Japan did not go to Japan. Leo Ku Kui Ke only sent his well wishes online. Reportedly Ekin was considering sharing his new marriage joy with his friends at dinner once he returned to Hong Kong.

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