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The Strongest in the Universe Donnie Yen Chi Tan and his wife Cissy Wang last night attended the Bvlgari flagship store lighting ceremony. Yen Chi Tan has made IP MAN and IP MAN 2, now Tony Leung Chiu Wai's THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI) is finally released. He said that he still has not have the time to watch it but still congratulated THE GRANDMASTERS on the good box office performance. THE GRANDMASTERS was not released in time for this year's Hong Kong Film Award, did Chi Tan feel any regret for Wai Jai? Yen Chi Tan's wife Cissy Wang answered for him and said that it was very regrettable, but next year he will still have a chance. If Wai Jai's THE GRANDMASTERS will not compete for film awards until next year, will he clash with his IP MAN 3? He said that IP MAN 3 still has no production start date because it had to wait for director Wilson Yip Wai Shun. Chi Tan's return to IP MAN 3 would not have any added pressure due to THE GRANDMASTERS, only with comparisons would there be variety.

Yen Chi Tan earlier worked on a magazine cover shoot and talked in depth about his parents' influence on him. Everyone's impression of him was a faithful, responsible good man who took care of his family. He inherited all of the positive points from his father Yen Wan Lung. He said that his father often talked to him about life and Chinese history, his motto was "as long as there is no guilty conscience". He also said that he would rather be fooled than fool someone, being taken advantage of might not necessarily be bad. "Father is a gracious gentleman, but when I was little I was very rebellious. I thought he was outdated and often clashed with him. Once he was so mad that he wanted to toss me into the ocean. Now looking back I have a lot of regret. What would I do if my children clash with me like this? Only when I become a father do I realize how parents around the world feel."

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