Sunday, January 27, 2013


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Teresa Mo Shun Kwan has worked with Karena Ng Chin Yu in many films and established a bond. She even treated her like a daughter. Thus when speaking about the rumor of Raymond Lam Fung and Karena Ng Chin Yu, Mo Mo joked, "Are they married?" Reporters asked if Mo Mo knew that Ng Chin Yu took time off from the production to watch Lam Fung's concert in Hong Kong. She joked, "My daughter is really thoughtful. As far as I know, she came back for work and happened to go to the show." They were rumored to be living together. (Do you think they make a good match?) They both are good looking guy and girl." As for this year Stephen Chow Sing Chi joining the Lunar New Year film battle, Mo Mo hoped that everyone would win and be happy.

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