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Vic Chou, Yu Bo, Ekin Cheng, Adam Cheng, Raymond Lam, Wu Chun
Vic Chou forces a smile when asked about his love life
Reen Yu
Wu Chun
Raymond Lam does not care about awards
Ronny Yu's script attracts Adam Cheng back to the big screen
Ekin Cheng jumps to East Asia in hopes of making more good movies
Yu Bo
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Director Ronny Yu Yun Tai and producer Raymond Wong Pak Ming yesterday led Adam Cheng Siu Chau, Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Yu Bo, Vic Chou Yu Man, Wu Chun, and Raymond Lam Fung held a press conference to promote their April 4 new film release SAVING GENERAL YANG (JUNG LIT YEUNG GA JEUNG). The film company announced that the cast will be memorialized on stamps, but the media focus remained on Chou Yu Man being caught with his rumored girlfriend Reen Yu during New Year's Eve firework. Jai Jai played deaf and looked upset when asked about his personal life and only replied with "I can't respond" to the cohabitation rumors.

Chou Yu Man yesterday and other actors dressed up for the occasion. He deliberation went without socks and stole the spotlight. Speaking of the production he was happy and excited. He said that because he played Yang's third son, he suggested growing facial hair to the director thinking that it would make the character more convincing. The result look made him look older than Cheng Siu Chau who played his father.

When asked about his love life, Jai Jai immediately took back his smile and looked upset. Did he watch the firework with his rumored girlfriend Reen Yu on New Year's Eve? He only said no comment and thank everyone for their concern. Was he unable to help himself as he kissed her ear? He said that he did not understand what the question was asking. When asked further he still said, "I am not responding to gossip." Will he be more careful? He pretended to be deaf and not answer. Was his relationship with Reen Yu very good and very sweet? He sounded displeased as he said, "I don't need to respond, speaking about these questions is meaningless. Everyone please ask questions about the movies!" Did they already move in together? Jai Jai only said, "Sorry, I can't respond."

Wu Chun said that in the film he would show a little muscle but would not be too deliberate. During the shoot he also personally cooked Brunei delicacies shrimp cake and curry fried rice for everyone and received uniform raves. Jai Jai seemed to be in love, when would it be his turn? He saw how awkward Jai Jai looked and said, "Let it take its natural course!"

The director Yu Yun Tai said that during meals Lam Fung did not sit down. Later he realized that his rear was peeling from the horse riding scenes. Lam Fung clarified that the armor was too heavy for him to sit down in, but he also joked that he was very chok in the film as well. Because he had to shoot with two shields, he injured with left arm.

After 20 years without a film, Cheng Siu Chau said that director Yu Yun Tai's script attracted him. In addition in the film he was able to play the father of so many hunks, he decided to return to the silver screen to play General Yang. With his memorable heroic image Chau Guoon was no less popular with the several famous young stars. The number of fans rivaled the younger Cheng Yi Kin and Lam Fung's.

As for his daughter Joyce Cheng Yun Yi's rapid weight gain, Chau Guoon said, "I have never seen her in two weeks, that can't be right! I don't think she is fat. It's very hard for her to be as thin as me, no one should have such high demand for her. I would tell her to stay fit and give her time." Ekin supported Yun Yi and said, "I feel weight isn't a problem for artists. I have seen Yun Yi on the stage and thought she was very professional."

Ekin admitted that he has followed his manager Sandy Lam San San to East Asia, even his company base was moved. He said that he was not worried about the the competition at East Asia due to the number of people at the company because his work has always been on automatic. Did he get a lot for the transfer? He joked that Lam San San might, he has never been certain about money. He would have to ask Lam San San.

Was he worried that the new company transfer would be like when he moved to Emperor and he was set aside? Ekin said, "I am not worried! I am very forgetful. As soon as I am happy I am fine. The most important is to have chances to make more good movies."

Mainland actor Yu Bo played Yang's second son. Earlier when he worked with Myolie Wu Hung Yi on a television series in Shanghai, he was accused of being the third party between Hung Yi and Bosco Wong Chung Chak and causing them to break up. Yesterday Yu Bo said that he has never heard that rumor and admitted that he did not know Wong Chung Chak. Although he was accused of being the third party, he has not been upset because of it. He felt that the most important was he never did it, so he would not mind what others said about him.

Once a Central government bodyguard, during the shoot he often personally cooked for the cast and the team. He said that because he lived alone he was able to cook Northeastern dishes. Did he cook for Hung Yi? He said, "I didn't have time. She will have a chance to taste it. However on this trip to Hong Kong I haven't had the time to meet her for dinner." He praised Hung Yi as a good actress and person. Their series originally needed to shoot for 75 days but he only had 50 days to shoot it. Hung Yi was very cooperated and did not mind going over 4 more hours everyday for him.

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