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Oscar Leung, Kelvin Kwan, William Chan
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Christine Kuo and Oscar Leung will have a kiss scene
DaDa Chan and William Chan work together for the first time
Paulyn Sun will not have to work everyday so she will not  be away from her child
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The new film HARDCORE COMEDY (CHONG HAU MEI) yesterday held a production start ceremony. The film consists of three vice stories. All the male leads will have daring scenes. Oscar Leung Lit Wai revealed that he will need to bare his button. William Chan Wai Ting will strip. Wai Wai and Christine Kuo in the film had a relationship and might even have a kiss scene. For her first movie lead Lady Kuo joked that she would give her first time to Wai Wai. Wai Wai said, "Lady Kuo's first time on film and television both went to me. Many people asked me if I would have any intimate scene. I believe the director won't spare us, we should have a peck."

Wai Wai said that in the film he would have an even more extreme performance than the two women one man intimate scene in YOUNG AND DANGEROUS RELOADED (GOO WAT JAI), but not with Lady Kuo. "I have several more extreme scenes, one of which will have one man and three women. I will be topless and show a little rear. The director has arranged for many pairs of underwear for me to choose. Finally I chose a very form fitting one and I was even asked whether I needed to 'unauthorized building work'. I don't need any padding, I am confident in my figure." Lady Kuo joked that she would visit the set then.

Chan Wai Ting played a straight laced youth. He said, "In the story I accidentally had and smuggled drugs. It's a madcap comedy. I will have to strip; if I would have to take off my pants, I would wear an extra pair of underwear." For his other new film he had to play a fire fighter and thus he had to get big. Next month he had to lose weight for CHONG HAU MEI. "The director asked me to be very thin, so I couldn't wear any of the costumes at all. Before the shoot I will have to lose 20 pounds. The schedule is too rushed and I will try to lose the weight."

DaDa Chan Jing said that she was "developing" with an industry outsider. "We are both fond of each other. He is a Hong Konger who works in Shanghai. When I first got into the business I didn't want to publicize my personal life. Now I feel publicizing it is out of trust of both parties. I am someone who dare to love and hate." She happily said that although they were not dating yet, they would almost start to develop a romance. "Before the Lunar New Year I will go to Shanghai to spend the holiday with my grandparents and see him as well."

Paulyn Sun Kai Kwan in the film played a masseuse. "My costume is very sexy, every costume is sexy lingerie." CHONG HAU MEI will be Sun Kai Kwan's first comeback movie. she admitted that she was excited and nervous. The mother of two spoke of her bottom line. "No category III film. If the movie is too revealing or too daring it would be hard to accept."

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