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Chrissie Chau, Shu Qi
Wen Zhang
Jiro Lee
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The Stephen Chow Sing Chi produced, directed and written, Shu Qi, Wen Zhang, Huang Bo and Chrissie Chau Sau Na starred JOURNEY TO THE WEST (SAI YAU GONG MOR PIN) will be released on February 7 for the Lunar New Year film and on February 10 in the Mainland on the Lunar New Year's Day. Yesterday its stills and production special were unveiled.

In JOURNEY TO THE WEST, aside from the Shu Qi played demon taming heroine and Wen Zhang played Chen Xuanzang (young Venerable Monk Tang), the comedy team also had Sing Yeh's KUNG FU HUSTLE and CJ7 (CHEUNG GONG CHUT HO) classic support players Jiro Lee Seung Ching and Fung Min Hung as well as new additions like Huang Bo, Show Luo (Law Chi Cheung) and Chau Sau Na. Playing the Sand Monk, Lee Seung Ching also had to perform in the buff with Wen Zhang.

In the production special Sing Yeh was very attentive to Shu Qi. He personally demonstrated every stunt. In Shu Qi's fight against monsters Sing Yeh displayed his style. Shu QI and Huang Bo's dance scene also had a comedy feel. Sing Yeh also revealed that he played an important character for viewers to find.

When two generations of sexy stars Shu Qi and Chau Sau Na ran into each other, they held back their sexiness for comedy. Sister Na did not feel Sing Yeh was serious at all. She said, "Everyday was spent in laughter." Many compared the Huang Bo played Sun Wukong with Sing Yeh's in CHINESE ODYSSEY. Huang Bo said that this time Sun Wukong was not handsome. Because he was trapped for 500 years he was balding.

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