Wednesday, January 30, 2013


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Eva Huang Shengyi recently came to Hong Kong to work on her new film THE ICEMAN COMETH 3D (BING FUNG HUP). Two nights ago when she went to the movies she revealed that working with Donnie Yen Chi Tan has been pleasant. She said, "Chi Tan is very nice, very manly and attentive. He is the action director, so I ask him to give me more fight scenes. I have learned a lot from him."

Shengyi had nothing but praise for Chi Tan. Speaking of Stephen Chow Sing Chi who reportedly has cut ties with her due to contract issues she did not criticize Sing Yeh. Instead she supported him, "Reports say he is cheap? I don't know. Saving money is a virtue, as a boss saving money is very normal. He treated me rather well, treating me and a group of people to dinner. As for whether we will work together again that will depend on opportunity. I was younger before, now I am grown. He has his personal style and is very talent. Both as an actor and a director he has his own style." Shengyi felt that no one should always mind what others say because no one could please everyone. She even hinted that her dispute with Sing Yeh has already been resolved and even thanked him. "I thank him very much. Without KUNG FU HUSTLE, with him giving me my start, no one would have a chance to know Huang Shengyi. I should be grateful."

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