Thursday, January 10, 2013


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Just changing his English name to Jeremy, Mainland hunk Tsui Ching Hei explained the reason. "My previous name Izz came from the company, I changed it to Jeremy because in my movie MY SASSY HUBBY (NGOR LO POR NG GAU CHING II NGOR LO GUNG NG SUN SING) I played a character named Lam Shu Ho. Coincidentally my idol is Lin Shu-How (Jeremy Lin). Because my childhood dream is to be a basketball player, I worship Asians who can have their own place in the NBA."

Jeremy said that when working with Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin 5 years later again, "she completely didn't recognize me because back then I wore a long hair wig in the movie. However seeing Ah Sa again she really has matured a lot."

Breaking up with his outsider girlfriend for half a year he would like to find someone in the business. "Because outsiders have a hard time to understand my life condition. When two people are together the most important is for them to have something in common to talk about in order to be able to get along."

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