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Suspected to have "prepartum depression", Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) two days ago was still working on the Dante Lam Chiu Yin directed Emperor Motion Picture MOR GAING (DEMON COP). Playing a police officer, Ng Yin Cho was armed and wearing a bulletproof vast in pursuit of the robber who was both good and evil, Nick Cheung Ka Fai. During the shoot Ng Yin Cho was playing with the prop gun. After a shot he would immediately return to the director and watch the playback. Conceivably the soon to be father was already able to overcome the jitters to make pre birth preparations for his wife.

The Lam Chiu Yin directed Emperor Motion Picture MOR GAING starred Cheung Ka Fai and Ng Yin Cho. Earlier they held a production start ceremony at the Ma On Shan Country Park, boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing personally attended. Soon to be a Year of the Snake father, Ng Yin Cho suffered mentally from being excessively in character. His wife Lisa S. also due to her pregnancy constantly cried out of the blue. Ng Yin Cho would take time to shop with his wife when he was not making a movie. He and his wife both were suspected to have the pregnancy blues. Ng Yin Cho even invited his in laws to come to Hong Kong to keep his wife company, while he concentrated on making the movie.

Two days ago around 3PM, he and Ken Wong Hap Hei, Cheung Ka Fai, Lee Kwok Lun and others worked on a police chase scene in Sham Shui Po. At the time the team arranged to have many vehicles for the shoot. Almost 20 vehicles were affected and were stuck on the on ramp.

Ng Yin Cho and Wong Hap Hei were in police uniforms, bulletproof vast and carried guns in pursuit of the robber Cheung Ka Fai. Ka Fai wore a mask. The crew also very cautiously dressed Ng Yin Cho and Wong Hap Hei. Before the shoot, Ng Yin Cho happily amused himself and pretended to shoot with his gun. After every shot he would rush back to Lam Chiu Yin to watch the playback and understand whether it was satisfactory.

After over a hour the day's shoot was completed. The cast left but the director Lam Chiu Yin and the crew remained on the on ramp to scout the location. Seemingly they still would shoot around the area.

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