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The Stephen Chow Sing Chi directed JOURNEY TO THE WEST: CONQUERING THE DEMONS (SAI YAU GONG MOR PIN) again became him the film industry people in focus. He was even invited to famous CCTV anchor Chai Jing for an interview on SEEING. The story behind this program was, 20 days after the interview Sing Yeh contacted CCTV to state that he was displeased with his performance and hoped to answer the questions anew. He seemingly made everyone realize even more why his collaboration partners could not stand him -- he seriously pursued perfection.

During the interview, the always reserved about love Sing Yeh was asked why he was still not married? He asked, "Do I still have a chance looking like this now? I am so old that even I am afraid to say what my age is." He even revealed that he once had real love in front of him but he did not cherish it. He felt that mainly his luck was poor. If he could start over again, he would not make himself so busy and would take some time to do something that he enjoyed.

On the program, Chai Jing pointed out that some called Sing Yeh a genius and some called him a tyrant. Some directors thus parted ways with him, because he would publicly change scenes due to difference in opinion between him and the director. Sing Yeh admitted that at work he was very serious, sometimes being serious would upset some people. However only by working seriously would he have hope. The reason behind the difference in opinion with a colleague often had to do with money. Chai Jing asked him about his view on money. "Of course I hope to be able to make more. Because when I was little I was very poor, when I had the chance I would make money with my own abilities. It's not because of what I wanted to eat or where I wanted to live. People had to keep achieving goals, making money didn't need to have an end. Doing something to its best is the real nucleus, making money made it a complete set."

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