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Karena Ng follows Raymond Lam out of the airport
Raymond Lam is in good spirits out of the gate but declines to discuss his trip
Karena Ng still has a diamond ring on at the celebration
Raymond Lam pushes his girlfriend's luggage too like a man should.
Karena Ng leaves in a taxi and the press catches her with a diamond ring on her left hand
Sandra Ng and Ronald Cheng have a little fun at the expense of Karena Ng romance, even Ha Chun Chau joins in.
Raymond Wong says that Raymond Lam is a good guy and a good match for Karena Ng
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Karena Ng Chin Yu last night attended the Lunar New Year film HOTEL DELUXE (BAK SING JAU DIM) celebration. She said that she and Raymond Lam Fung went to Milan and Florence and had a lot of fun. "In over half a month we went on holiday three times. Due to work in between, the earlier trips were too short. In addition I worked on a series for three years, I wanted a long vacation. Other friends went along too." The first time when she and Lam Fung went to Japan she revealed that they had separate rooms. This was their third trip but she avoided talking about the room situation. "I am not talking about anything that is too personal." She also denied that they were secretly married, as she would definitely announce her marriage. As for the diamond ring on her left hand, Ng Chin Yu was obviously frustrated. "I bought it myself! He hasn't given me any ring, this would be something for another level. Right now we are at the boyfriend girlfriend stage. Was Lam Fung a romantic person? Has he constantly given presents? No! I was able to guess his everything. How would I grade him? That's very hard to say! However he is very attentive. After this trip I understood a lot. He usually would be late, I have talked to him about that."

Would she be more careful overseas to avoid accidental pregnancy? Ng Chin Yu said, "I absolutely wouldn't be pregnant, one step at a time. Have we developed to this level? I want to be pregnant after marriage. Marriage is a big life event and needs time to plan. Would I consider a wedding in Florence? We will see!" Was Lam Fung her baby? Ng Chin Yu joked, "Many people call me Baby, I can Lam Fung Ah Man (Lam Fung's original name is Lam Wui Man)." Yesterday when she returned to Hong Kong, Lam Fung did not arrange for a ride and she took a taxi. She said that because she knew reporters would be present, she wanted to be more low key.

Sandra Ng Kwan Yu privately did not ask about "Fung Yu romance". She said, "When we worked on HOTEL DELUXE, Ng Chin Yu was very gregarious. She never said that she was in a hurry to leave. They showed no sign at all." She felt that they were very well matched. She was happy to see artists coupling up to go on trips.

As for her good friend Shawn Yue Man Lok and Kary Ng Yu Fei denying their romance, Kwan Yu felt that everyone had a different method of handling it. Kwan Yu joked, "Back then when I returned from romantic trips I would always have a dodgy expression. Have I been on three trips in a month? I spent a lot of money when I was dating, I spent several tens of thousands on a weekend flight to Los Angeles. Maybe they have idol baggage. Actually fans now are already very understanding and accept their idols' marriage and parenthood, like Spice Ma (Kelly) Chen Wai Lam."

Raymond Wong Pak Ming felt that it was normal for Ng Chin Yu to be happy about dating, as long as her work was not affected she was fine. Wong Pak Ming also praised Lam Fung as a good guy. "His attitude is great. Their earlier collaboration BABY BLUES 3D (NGAI NGAN 3D) will be released in the middle of the year. Because they aren't a couple in the film, during the promotion they would not be deliberately arranged to be together."

Ronald Cheng Chung Kei said about Beijing art critic Jia Xuanning's claim that VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET) vilified Mainlanders, "Everyone's cultural backgrounds are different, they definitely have differences. No one needs to be too extreme."

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