Sunday, February 17, 2013


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Irene Wan Bik Ha recently appeared on a Cable Entertainment News interview and shared her years of filmmaking experience. She said that the most memorable was when she made the film LONELY FIFTEEN (LAN MUI JAI), she even spoke about her thrilling suicide by train scene. When she worked with Andy Lau Tak Wa on EVERLASTING LOVE (TING BUT LIU DIK OI) she said, "At the time I was only 17, whenever we had intimate scenes Wa Jai and I couldn't help but laugh. We needed many takes before we were able to complete the shoot. However after making this movie I left the film industry for three years and returned to school because my family didn't agree with me making movies at too young an age. Later I ran into an attractive character and returned to film. As soon as I fell in love with making movies it became an addiction, I gained a different sense of satisfaction from film."

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