Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Simon Yam stretches
courtesy of on.cc

Model Ma Mia Chen Jing Yi worked on the new film GAING JEUNG (POLICE CAPTAIN, tentative title). Around 10PM, Mia and the experienced Simon Yam Tat Wa worked on location at Admiralty.

In the story Mia was on her way home when two men with sunglasses chatted her up. They even attempted indecent assault. Brother Wa who was nearby immediately rescued her. When the men pushed Mia into the flower bed several times she screamed. After half a hour the director accepted a take. After the shoot Mia chatted with the crew, but her figure scared off co-star Brother Wa, who would rather walk far away. He even stretched with a light post and stood aside to watch the night scenery.

Later they broke for snack. Although Brother Wa and Mia were at the same table, when Mia ate Brother Wa kept his eyes on his food and chatted with the crew.

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