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Stephen Chow kisses Shu Qi at the Hong Kong premiere to prevent accusation of Mainland media favoritism 
430 SPACE SHUTTLE reunion: Tam Yuk Ying, Stephen Chow, Luisa Lai
Chrissie Chau's career rises as her love life falters
Lam Chi Chung, Cheung Chi Yau and his father Cheung Tat Ming, who is still recovering from cancer
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Stephen Chow Sing Chi, Shu Qi and Chrissie Chau Sau Na two nights ago attended the JOURNEY TO THE WEST (SAI YAU GONG MOR PIN) premiere. Shu Qi denied that she and Stephen Fung Tak Lun were secretly married in the U.S. Sing Yeh denied that he was at odds with co-director Derek Kwok Chi Kin. He pointed out that he had so many to worry about that he did not have time to be at odds. Shu Qi and Sister Na said that on the set they did not sense any unpleasantness between Sing Yeh and Kwok Chi Kin.

Shu Qi and Fung Tak Lun were rumored to be secretly married in the U.S. Shu Qi was asked if it was true. She sarcastically said, "Yes! We even had two sons, when you have time you can go to the U.S. and investigate." Was she upset about the rumor? She said, "Not much to be upset about, it's pretty interesting." Were she and Fung Tak Lun dating or already married? She said, "I am going back to talk about the movie today, in the movie I am a good girl." Sing Yeh hoped that Shu Qi would give him more opportunities for them to be together. Shu Qi said that Sing Yeh did not give her any time. She even whined, "Earlier when I asked you to dinner you said you had to edit the film. For the Lunar New Year you said you would go overseas." Was Sing Yeh one of her boyfriend choices? She said, "Of course." Sing Yeh asked her what was good about him. She said, "Humorous, talented, cute, the idol of many, he is beyond my reach."

Once Sing Yeh's rumored girlfriend, Luisa Lai Chi San said that Sing Yeh while promoting in the Mainland kissed Shu Qi. Thus he had to be fair at the Hong Kong premiere as well. Shu Qi immediately pretended to kiss and wipe her mouth, then per reporters' requests, Sing Yeh kissed Shu Qi twice and made Shu Qi blush.

When asked whether Shu Qi and Fung Tak Lun's rumored secret marriage was a big setback for him, Sing Yeh said, "I really don't know. When you ask this I too am stunned a little." He was rumored to be at odds with another director Kwok Chi Kin. Sing Yeh hesitated and said, "No, don't ask me, ask Kwok Chi Kin. I was very busy with a lot during the shoot, I didn't even have time to be at odds!" Shu Qi and Sister Na did not sense that they were at odds and said that the set was very harmonious. Shu Qi even said, "When gossip news is treated as a serious problem, constant clarification is quite a bother!" As for Tin Kai Man calling Sing Yeh cheap, only giving him a tee shirt after knowing him for such a long time and even asking him to take Sing Yeh and others to the movies in return, Sing Yeh played dumb and said, "Where did you hear that from, I don't remember anymore. Ask Tin Gai, I really don't know."

Sister Na dressed conservatively and denied that she was forfeiting. She said that Shu Qi was the sexy goddess of her heart, she could only be the water snake next to Shu Qi. She even revealed that Sing Yeh gave her the nickname "Pineapple Bun", crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. However Sing Yeh did not pursue her. Sister Na joked, "If he was after someone it wouldn't be me!"

Tin Kin Man who was rumored to be at odds with Sing Yeh appeared in support. The recovering Cheung Tat Ming attended with his wife and son. He said that he was still not completely cured, but the toxin has reached zero. His right arm was still less mobile than before, as he awaited for the nerves to grow anew.

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