Thursday, February 28, 2013


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Gillian Chung Yun Tung in the film IP MAN THE FINAL FIGHT (IP MAN JUNG GIK YUT JIN) played Ip Man's disciple Sei Mui, reprising her "fighting actress" origin and carrying a fake belly to play pregnant. She even stated, "My baby will definitely be ugly." Because she carried a big fake belly to play pregnant, due to the prop weight after half a day of walking up and down the stairs her back hurt. Thus she jokingly said to the fake belly, "Mama is very noble, let me tell my future baby, Mama has a very hard time carrying you, you have to be filial!" Workers reminded her to not praise the baby because when it grew up the opposite would happen. Ah Gil immediately corrected herself. "My future baby will definitely be a traitor and very ugly." In one scene Ah Gil was kicked. She said that although she was not really pregnant her heart ached for her character.

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