Tuesday, February 5, 2013


courtesy of singtao.com
The media screams, "Together" when Stephen Chow and Shu Qi perform a series of intimate gestures
Kiss on the cheek
Putting on the ring
Chrissie Chau poses for this photo in 2 degrees below zero Celsius temperature
courtesy of mingpao.com

Stephen Chow Sing Chi, Shu Qi, Chrissie Chau Sau Na promoted their Lunar New Year film JOURNEY TO THE WEST (SAI YAU GONG MOR PIN) in Guangzhou. Sing Yeh continued to express his "love" for Shu Qi, said that Shu Qi was fire that never ceased in his heart. He arranged to put a "promise ring" on Shu Qi's finger and kiss her hand; Shu Qi bashfully kissed Sing Yeh's cheek. The atmosphere was romantic as the media screamed, "Together!" Sing Yeh joked, "I want her to kiss my mouth!"

Shu Qi heard everyone screamed "together" and bashfully said, "I haven't been with him, I don't know how romantic he would be overall." Sing Yeh did not pass up the chance. "Then let's be together for awhile!" Although Shu Qi had no comment for his expression of love, Sing Yeh did not give up. "In life you have to keep failing and keep standing up again. Like SHAOLIN SOCCER, she is the fire that never ceases in my heart." He also explained the love behind JOURNEY TO THE WEST. "It's not a simple love story, it is a love story that experiences life, death, explosion and excitement."

Chau Sau Na earlier posed for Mainland media's JOURNEY TO THE WEST theme Monkey King and Bandit photos. She showed off her shoulders and legs on her Monkey King photo, but she posed when the Beijing temperature reached 2 degrees below zero Celsius. Despite the heat in the studio and 5 heaters around her, the chilling wind still blew in and gave her goose bumps. Sister Na admired Sing Yeh's Monkey King the most. He was loving, loyal and full of emotions.

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