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Lai Tinki, Bonnie Xian, Wai Ying Hung, Jonathan Wong
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Wai Ying Hung as the Emperor Motion Picture elder met with Jonathan Wong Chi Hin, Bonnie Xian (Sin Sik Lai) and Lai Tinki for Lunar New Year hot pot casserole. Siu Hung not only shared with her junior colleagues her acting experience but also gave them lai see to wish them a smooth New Year.

Siu Hung said that in the Year of the Snake she will be busy with work but has already allocated 5 figures for lai see for family and the crew. She will also prepare for new challenges in film, as she will work on the new film that AT THE END OF DAYBREAK (SUM MOR) director Ho Yuhang spent two years to write the script for. She even stated that this film will be her final action film, thus it will be the movie with the most powerful fights for her. After this film she probably would not dare to make another action film. She revealed that in the film she will fight Korean style and have torture scenes. Thus before the shot she will spend a month on weight training to prepare.

Last year the passing of Siu Hung's brother Austin Wai Tin Chi was the most heartbreaking, she admitted that after that her state of mind has completely changed and her point of view on everything was no longer the same. "I used to risk everything at work, then I saw Brother who kept working in the Mainland in recent years without returning to Hong Kong. He worked alone everyday away from home, made money but didn't have time to spend it, got sick but didn't know about it. He passed just like that without probably enjoying it. Thinking back I was working for over 11 months a year, sometimes I too felt lonely and pitiful outside. So what if I had money? Now I realized that I had little aches and pain, I might as well relax and rest a little. At home with mother I am not as lonely, it's better than living alone at the hotel. Now I started to feel the importance of having a home."

Siu Hung gave special advice to her junior colleagues, saying the most important thing for an actor to have was wider field of vision. There is no acting to speak of because all acting comes from life experience. The more they see and encounter, the more will come out when they need it. However some were truly too nice. Thus she often told the younger generation to be a little bad and not to be introverted at all. They could not learn acting just from watching television and movies. They had to have their own life experience. Thus many actors acted better as they aged.

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