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Veronica Yip brings her daughter Victoria along as she promotes I LOVE HONG KONG 2013
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Joyce Cheng Yun Yi, Jacqueline Chong Si Man and Jerry Koo Ming Wa two nights ago attended an audience appreciation event for their film I LOVE HONG KONG 2013 (2013 NGOR OI HK GUNG HEI FAT CHOI). Film company executive Wong Ka Hei even announced the good news that the film passed 10 million after a week in release. Two days ago was Valentine's Day, actors not gave away gifts but also chocolate. However Yun Yi admitted that she did not have a date that evening. Chong Si Man even revealed that someone "backed out" so she was thankful for the audience appreciation to have a chance to go out! Chong Si Man joked, 'Luckily he isn't someone I was interested in, otherwise I definitely wouldn't let him 'back'. (Did rumored boyfriend Ronan Pak Kin Yan ask you out?) No, but he sent a Gung Hoi Fat Choi text message."

Yun Yi joked that she very obviously had no date so she was able to attend the event. Perhaps she would go out with Chong Si man to meet guys; when she heard the box office already passed 10 million she stated that she was elated and felt very gratified. She wished luck to anyone who came in contact with this film, unfortunately she got sick on the Lunar New Year's Day. She had to postpone her Lunar New Year visits with her father and Grand Mentor (Lydia Shum Din Ha's mentor" to the weekend. Speaking of INBOUND TROUBLES (LO BIU NEI HO YEH!)'s Chen Jiajia's resemblance to Fei Jeh, Yun Yi said that she has not seen the series yet but they ran into each other at Television City. However she did not have a chance to talk in detail or take a closer look. She felt that she and her mother each have their own specialties. Her mother gave people a mother type impression while Tiny is lively and cute. She was not as cute as them. She even joked that her looks went when she got fatter, so she had to stay in shape in order to make people want to hit her.

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