Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Aaron Kwok becomes PSY possessed
Bowie Lam and Sandra Ng promote in the Mainland
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The Lunar New Year film BETTER AND BETTER held its Beijing premiere. Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Bowie Lam Bo Yi attended. Sing Sing first imitated Michael Jackson then danced Psy's Gangnam Style. Sing Sing in the film played a foreman and was described that the coolest and the best dancing foreman in history. Sing Sing said that he has always wanted to make a comedy, now his dream has come true. During the shoot Sing Sing had to dance a lot but he had no pressure. Every one of his dance scene shoot would attract a crowd. Director Zhang Yibai created a comic book image poster for the 12 key actors. Like the Lunar New Year's Even dinner he described each person's personality as dishes like the "Red Roasted Aaron Kwok", "Ginger Sandra Ng", "Kung Po Tony Leung Ka Fai" and "Fresh Xu Jinglei".

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