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Taiwan hit DAVID LOMAN stars Tony Yang, Chu Ke-Liang and Amber Kuo wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year
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The film DAVID LOMAN has been in release for 3 days in Taiwan and broke NT$50 million (around HK$13.1 million), the film was new director Chiu Li-Kuan's first film and has been called the Taiwan version of LOST IN THAILAND. Chiu Li-Kuan humbly said that she was only a "elementary school student director" and was still learning everything. "I am only in the top of the class in elementary school, I can't compare it to big films of the same period."

Chiu Li-Kuan's motivation of making DAVID LOMAN was simple. She did not discuss any major philosophy as she only wanted to relax and laugh during the Lunar New Year. The film had a lot of Taiwanese, Putonghua and English foul language homophones that became jokes. Chiu Li-Kuan felt that this was the basic human basic. She gave special thanks to Chu Ke-Liang, who had comedy effect as soon as he appeared. In addition Amber Kuo and Tony Yang's couple scenes were very outstanding as well.

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