Wednesday, February 27, 2013


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G.E.M. wins four awards
Joey Yung is not disappointed that she is not the highest selling local female singer
Leo Ku has to get buff for his upcoming movie
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IFPI Hong Kong record sales award 2012 took place two nights ago. Andy Lau Tak Wa with a Mandarin and a Cantonese selection and a concert video won six awards to become the big winner. As for female singers, G.E.M., Joey Yung Cho Yi and Twins all won 4 awards. G.E.M. even defeated Joey Yung to become "the highest selling local female singer of the year". She also with XPOSED won the "highest selling Mandarin record of the year". Joseph Koo Ka Fai received the "Hong Kong music culture contribution award."

Ku Kui Kei revealed that in June he will work on a police film. Due to action scenes, he would have to get bigger. "The director wants me to have abdominal muscles, which I have never had before. I have to achieve this goal."

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