Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Angelababy, Michelle Chen, Ko Chen-Tung
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Three new film stars Michelle Chen, Ko Chen-Tung and Angelababy became buddies after working together on their new film TOGETHER. Earlier they reunited to promote the film.

Working on a movie in Hong Kong for the first time, Michelle said that she would watch Hong Kong films to learn Cantonese since she was little. Originally she thought that working in Hong Kong could improve her Cantonese, but she did not expect the team to speak Mandarin with her. She also revealed that her Cantonese caused a lot of comedy. "Once I made stand up guy sound like dirty guy, everyone cracked up when they heard!" Playing a couple with the strongest in the universe Donnie Yen Chi Tan, she admitted that she admired her co-star. "He is an action actor, but I never imagined that during dramatic scenes when he felt the script had a problem he would speak up!"

In addition, for the new film Ko Chen-Tung had to gain 10 kilograms. As for his favorite Hong Kong food, he said it was the street snacks like eggette and shu mai. For the Lunar New Year, Ko Chen-Tung said that he would give laisee to his parents. "Since I have been making money I would automatically give some to Mama, now I am the one who is in a hurry to get a laisee from her!" Playing a couple with Ko Chen-Tung Angelababy revealed that he was very close in behavior, look and age with her younger brother. Thus she felt particularly close. She said, "During the shoot I took special care of her!" She even said that she already introduced Ko Chen-Tung to her brother.

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