Monday, February 4, 2013


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Chiang Ka Man bites Ma Chi Wai
Shiga Lin guest stars in Patrick Kong's new film
Shiga Lin and Ma Chi Wai face the wall to hide from the crowd
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Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) is pushing the "Young Charmaine Sheh Si Man" Angel Chiang Ka Man to be his new film DAI YUT CHI BUT SI NEI (THE FIRST TIME ISN'T YOU)'s lead actress. Two nights ago, Chiang Ka Man, Shiga Lin Si Nga and new comer Edward Ma Chi Wai worked on the film in Causeway Bay and attracted many onlookers. On this night Chiang Ka Man had to break down, hold Ma Chi Wai tight and even bite his arm. She was very emotional and in character. Before the shoot, Chiang Ka Man first cultivated her emotions to cry real tears.

Shiga Lin guest starred and showed off her long legs. She held Ma Chi Wai's hand and looked intimate on their walk. She said that they were not familiar so it was a little awkward. During the shoot they saw how large the crowd of onlookers was and faced to wall to hide. Was she the third party in the film? Shiga Lin said, "No, my role isn't large but the character is rather important. Director Yip Lim Sum taught me a lot about acting, I too hope to make more movies this year."

Shiga Lin yesterday thanked Yip Lim Sum for asking her to guest star online and shared her production experience. She would like to work together again soon. Yip Lim Sum said, "This collaboration was very memorable, we should work together very soon!"

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