Monday, February 18, 2013


DAVID LOMAN is going strong in Taiwan
Chiu Li-Kwan
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Taiwan domestic Lunar New Year film DAVID LOMAN reached NT$300 million in the shortest time in Taiwan film record. Its momentum is even stronger than CAPE NO. 7 and WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW: SEEDIQ BALE and is catching up with YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY DAY as it enters the top three Taiwan total film box office.

First time director Chiu Li-Kwan immediately became a "300 million big director" and received many friends' congratulation text messages.

Sister Kwan invited two Taiwan god class actors Chu Ko Liang and Auntie Su Chu this time, along with the new generation idol couple Amber Kuo and Tony Yang to defeat all of the movies of the same periods. However some critics said that the film had too much foul language and the comedy was too vulgar. Sister Kwan thanked everyone for their suggestions and critique. She knew that she had room for improvement, but she hoped that everyone's focus would not be just on the foul language. This only displayed certain Taiwan grass root little people's real lives. She also pointed out that heroes were not afraid of starting low, when even lower they still had the life force to bend down and jump up again. Ultimately not everyone could play a gentleman. She urged everyone to not only discuss the film but also continue to buy tickets and go to the movie.

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