Saturday, February 9, 2013


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Aaron Kwok wishes everyone good luck in the Year of the Snake
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing after completing his concert will start making movies. This year he plans to make 3 movies. Aside from COLD WAR 2, he also wanted to make a costume action film. "Costume action films can be very fantastic, the space is very wide and very different from modern films; I also want to make a little romance for the audience to experience the sweet, sour, bitter and spicy atmosphere." After winning the Golden Horse Best Actor, Sing Sing in the past few years deliberately made alternative films to test his acting. However after the success of COLD WAR he discovered that the audience actually really wanted to see qualify mainstream movies. Thus he would consider whether he should make more commercial films.

Speaking of film awards, Sing Sing changed his mind in the past few years. He felt that awards did not come just because he wanted them. Now he would calmly face the situation. "If I win, I would be moved because my effort has been recognized; if I don't, I still would keep making good movies because the box office is the most important. I want to make quality movies so viewers would feel I am a real actor and look forward to my movies and they do with my concerts."

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