Thursday, February 7, 2013


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Rose Chan reveals that in her new film she and Philip Ng are a public pair
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Rose Chan Ka Wun and Philip Ng Won Lung yesterday promoted their new film THE PRINCESS AND THE SEVEN KUNG FU MASTERS (SIU GUNG JUN MO LUM) on Metro Radio. Once linked to Raymond Lam Fung in rumors, was Chan Ka Wun surprised that the always low key Lam Fung took the responsibility like a man and revealed his romance with Karena Ng Chin Yu to the media? Chan Ka Wun felt that dating was a happy thing and a good thing,. However when she was linked to Lam Fung she avoided the subject? She hesitated and said, "Today let's talk about the movie. In the film Ng Won Lung and I are a public couple. I take the initiative to get close to him. Finally he is responsible for being with me."

She avoided talking about Lam Fung, did she want to draw the line between them? Chan Ka Wun denied that and said that because it was between them; back then she and Lam Fung were rumored due to everyone's choice of word. It was not real. Since it happened so long ago, she hoped that no one would mention it again. Ng Won Lung played dumb and said that he had no idea what the media or Chan Ka Wun was saying, so he had no comment.

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