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The Lunar New Year film HOTEL DELUXE (BAK SING JAU DIM) already accumulated HK$16 million at the box office and defeated the Eric Tsang Chi Wai and TVB artists starred I LOVE HONG KONG 2013 (2013 NGOR OI HK GUNG HEI FAT CHOI). Yesterday Raymond Wong Pak Ming and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu attended an audience appreciation event. Wong Pak Ming was satisfied with the HOTEL box office because it was already better than last year's Lunar New Year film. It has been predicted to make HK$20 million. Tsang Chi Wai revealed that next year he might not make a Lunar New Year film reportedly because there was no profit. Wong Pak Ming said, "Then he should come over and help me! I have made years of Lunar New Year films that have made money. HOTEL in the Mainland made 60 million RMB and in Malaysia 6 million RM, and it is still in release." Will he arrange for his company's actress Karena Ng Chin Yu and her boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung to make another movie? Wong Pak Ming said that if the script was suitable, he would not eliminate this possibilities; he felt that since both were single, dating was very normal. Work came first for Ng Chin Yu and she was able to keep work and personal life separate, dating would not affect her work.

Chapman To Man Jat two nights ago at his stand up comedy show revealed that before getting into the business he was a waiter and he saw Ng Kwan Yu and Alex To Tak Wai at a romantic dinner. She joked, "Does he want to be at odds with me another time? I will break a bottle over his head! Does he want to step on me to prop himself up, so he is digging at old wounds? He has persecutory delusion disorder." Kwan Yu pointed out that To Man Jat only said something superficial. She joked that if he again exposed things about her, she would either take a bribe from him or sue him for slander.

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