Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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Leon Lai Ming yesterday attended the 9th Hong Kong Entertainment Expo press conference. Speaking of online encouragement for him to reunite with Shu Qi, Lai Ming said that he would leave everyone with their own ideal picture. Whether he would remain single it would depend on fate. Currently work came first. As for VULGARIA being called cultural garbage that led to China and Hong Kong conflict, Lai Ming gave another golden quote, "You get 50,000 after slamming someone? Why wasn't I told sooner, I would've donated the 50,000 to the Community Chest. Everyone is posting online, when the timing is right not getting slammed would be better a little. You can't avoid that. Ultimately I firmly believe in my own beliefs, I haven't swindle viewers, cross colleagues and go against my conscience so I am OK." Director Ang Lee at the Oscars thanked the Taiwan government for assisting the film industry. Did he feel the Hong Kong government has provided enough assistance to the film industry? Lai Ming said that he would not ask the government, good movies naturally would have investors. The resources should be placed with the class that is powerless to protest.

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