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Philip Ng, Wong Cho Nam, Sandra Ng, Wong Jing, Rose Chan
Sandra Ng does not enjoy kiss scenes but is often "nailed"
Wong Cho Nam says the INBOUND TROUBLES sequel will no longer be about Hong Kong Mainland conflicts
Lee Lik Chi says JOURNEY TO THE WEST opening scene is its best part
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Wong Jing yesterday with PRINCESS AND SEVEN KUNG FU MASTERS (SIU GUNG CHUN MO LUM) actors Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Rose Chan Ka Wun, Wong Cho Nam, and Philip Ng Won Lung had their Human Day Lunar New Year meal. The film will be released simultaneously in China and Hong Kong on March 7. Speaking of Stephen Chow Sing Chi's JOURNEY TO THE WEST CONQUERING THE DEMONS (SAI YAU GONG MOR PIN) still being in release then, Wong Jing said, "4 weeks are about right, and the box office wouldn't make as much by the end."

As for February 14, JOURNEY's national box office reached 420 million yuan RMB. Wong Jing predicted the final box office would be near 1 billion yuan RMB. Earlier Chow Sing Chi was accused of loving making money more than making movies, Wong Jing said, "I said a long time ago that Chow Sing Chi is a good director! He sold many JOURNEY shares to others, he is very smart. However I am not envious. I have a lot that he doesn't. I have family and children, which he doesn't." Wong Jing said that JOURENY's quality was close to KUNG FU HUSTLE. It accommodated Mainland viewer taste so it was able to win over the Mainland box office.

Wong Cho Nam later will have the new film BLACK COMEDY (HAK SIK HEI KET). In April he will have to shave his head for a series and will not have time to promote. Wong Jing said, "After shaving his head he shouldn't use wax at all. After waxing it won't grow back. (Stanley) Fung Shui Fan, (Dicky) Cheung Wai Kin and (Leo) Kui Kui Ke all had problems after using wax."

Lee Lik Chi yesterday said online that JOURNEY was very much like Tsui Hark's FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE (LUNG MOON FEI GAP). He said, "Shu Qi's character is very familiar, Huang Bo claims to be Sun Wukong but the monkey looks different and ugly! How is the ending different from KUNG FU HUSTLE? Again with the giant palm? This time also has a giant leg! However the opening is pretty entertaining! The scene that was made with the most effort was the one! Second at the Hong Kong box office, the film won enough in the Mainland. In comparison to the fishes in the troubled waters now, Sing Yeh of course has much better effort but has been away for too long!"

Ng Kwan Yu recalled her kiss in PRINCESS AND SEVEN KUNG FU MASTERS with Eric Tsang Chi as "truly hard to take". She joked, "Chi Wai kissed very seriously and even had several bad takes, he got my face all wet. I treat it like a gift for his 60th birthday!" Was Chi Wai not handsome so she felt it was hard to take? Kwan Yu denied it and said, "I have never liked to make kiss scenes since childhood, yet every time in a comedy I would get nailed."

Kwan Yu revealed that during the Lunar New Year many friends paid her a visit and they played all night on several nights. She said, "In the New Year I hope all my husband's movies would make money. When the Man of the House is happy, the atmosphere at home is a little better too."

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