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Nick Cheung
Daniel Wu removes his uniform but still holds his injured finger

Daniel Wu and Ken Wong
Deep Ng
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Ken Wong Hap Hei and Deep Ng Ho Hong earlier worked on their Empire Motion Picture MOR GAING (DEMON COP). In order to coordinate with three days of gun fight and explosion shoots, the film company more than two and a half months ago already applied to the authorities. The process was rather strict as several on ramps were declined to the production and the production could not damage the road surface. In order to avoid adding special effects and making the scenes unrealistic, they tried to coordinate. The scene along cost HK$1.5 million.

Ka Fai who recently has been working on MOR and THE CARTEL WAR (BIN YIK) could not be busier. He once revealed that due to the drastic difference between the characters that he almost suffered from a personality split. Earlier he appeared on an on ramp in Sham Shui Po. Several dozen cars formed a line. In police uniforms Daniel and Wong Hap Hei exchanged fire with the masked Ka Fai. Ka fai even put on a demon cop mask and opened fire. Although he had two accomplices Daniel and his team forced them to retreat. Because traffic continued normally on the road, the gun fire stunned many drivers. After each shot Ka Fai would go over to the director Dante Lam Chiu Yin, watch the playback and study it.

The next day the focus was on Daniel's gun play. A car was on fire, a spark from which injured Daniel's left pinky. The crew immediately treated Daniel. To avoid contact with the wound, when Daniel removed his bulletproof vast he not only had assistance from the crew but also applied pressure on his wound. Luckily the injury was minor. After resting he immediately returned to the shoot.

Ka Fai was surprised at the demon cop costume being revealed. "You caught that? That's amazing. I had a mask on, how did you know which one was me? However this time I really have to thank the film company for providing so much resources and the government was very cooperated. (The film will shoot at a funeral home.) We have no taboo and work anywhere, we aren't scared." He also revealed that that his Lunar New Year holiday will last until the Lunar 5th, but because he was too tired he had no plan to go overseas.

Wong Hap Hei and Ng Ho Hong are also in MOR GAING. The former earlier personally performed a close up shot in an explosion scene, then his double performed his stunt. Ng Ho Hong who has been played robbers frequently this time played a cop. He was in police uniform and had a gun in his hand as he pursued robbers.

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