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Aaron Kwok gives a preview of the Bull Demon King dance segment.  The dances all have iron fans in their hands.  Perhaps it will have something to do with Fiery Mountain?
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing yesterday attended his new music video premiere, paid a group Lunar New Year vision with his March concert team and performed in advance his "Bull Demon King causes havoc in the Heavenly Palace" dance number. Yesterday was the Lantern Festival. Sing Sing after work returned home to visit his mother. "I miss Mommy the most." Was he not celebrating with his other half? Sing Sing said, "Let love take its natural course, work comes first, Mother is the most important! Today is a special day, I want to be united with Mama."

A fortune teller predicted that Sing Sing may have good news this year. He said, "In this business the more popularity the better, I hope everyone would support my movies and ads. (Lynn Xiong) Hung Doi Lam wants to get married? Everyone has his or her own idea, I can't comment. For now work comes first."

His concert has added a 9th show, will he add a "perfect 10"? Sing Sing said, "I don't know, but a 9 show performance was already satisfactory. The concert's Transformer stage and the bouncing segments will add new ideas, at the same time COLD WAR (HONG JIN), THE MONKEY KING (DAI LAU TIN GUNG) will be mixed as elements of land, air and sea onto the stage. The ocean segment was very sexy but I did not know whether the costumes would coordinate because art director (William) Chang Suk Ping's thinking could change at anytime."

Chow Yun Fat has been rumored to be a part of COLD WAR 2. Sing Sing said, "I read the news online, secretly I learned that Fat Gor saw COLD WAR and praised me. I in THE MONKEY KING had scenes with Fat Gor who played the Jade Emperor, I haven't had enough. I hope to have a chance to battle him in drama. I can only say, Fat Gor, I am waiting for you!" As for not being nominated for Best Actor with COLD WAR, Sing Sing admitted that he was disappointed but respected the jury decision. "When I make movies I want to be encouraged the most, it doesn't matter that the Hong Kong Film Award jury doesn't encourage me. The most important is to have the encouragement of everyone, fans, and Fat Gor!"

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