Sunday, February 24, 2013


Host Sharon Chan
Previous Miss Chinese International Kelly Cheung opened the show, dancing in mid air and leading the candidate appearances.  Then the hosts spoke and made candidate introductions while Kelly Cheung was left in the air for almost 15 minutes.
Sharon Chan asks Auckland's Catherine Ouyang which candidate is the ugliest.  She answered Melbourne's Jacky Cai because she was "the only one who wouldn't yell at me".  Host Sammy said, "She might not yell at you but she might hit you!"

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First runner up Denise Tan, Miss Chinese International Gloria Tang, second runner up Carat Cheung
Carat Cheung
Kenneth Ma is such a hot property that he has Carat Cheung to express her love for him
Kuala Lumpur's Denise Tan is asked which part of her is the most attractive to men and she confidently answers everything.
Hong Kong's Carat Cheung
Toronto's Gloria Tang
Bangkok representative Bonnyisa (Poppy) Chantrarachai lands in top five 
Jessica Song wins Star of Tomorrow
Toronto's Jessica Song performs a peacock dance
Los Angeles' Lauren Weinberger wins Miss Friendship
Gloria Tang jumps rope for her performance segment
Vancouver's Gloria Tang
Whitney Hui, Christine Kuo

Koni Lui
Fala Chen says Miss Chinese International changed her life, so being its judge on  her birthday was very meaningful.
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The 2013 Miss Chinese International pageant took place last night. Vancouver representative Gloria Tang Pui Yi won as the favorite. The first runner on was the Kuala Lumpur representative Denise Tan (Chan Chor Won). Hong Kong representative Carat Cheung Ming Nga showed off her career line, danced a belly dance and even publicly expressed her love to Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming but only came in third. Toronto representative Jessica Song (Sung Sum Wai) won the Star of Tomorrow award, while Miss Friendship went to Los Angeles representative Lauren Weinberger (Chow Wai Lun).

During the swimsuit answer and question segment, host Eric Tsang Chi Wai asked Cheung Ming Nga about her love experience. At first she revealed that she was not dating now and was focused on her career, but she suddenly looked at judge "hot property" Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming and sweetly publicly expressed her love for him. "Mr. Ma Kwok Ming is very attractive to me" Ma Kwok Ming was both stunned and embarrassed.

Ma Kwok Ming said, "Everyone is just speaking out of courtesy! Cheung Ming Nga expressed her love? It's not that, don't scare Miss Cheung."

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