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Eddie Peng, Gordon Lam and Simon Yam's new film wraps up production
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The Andy Lau Tak Wa produced and starred with Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, Simon Yam Tat Wa and Cya Liu in a battle of brains and brawn between friends, cops and robbers action film I DID IT MY WAY (CHIM HUNG), which recently wrapped up production. Wa Jai and Ka Tung worked together again after 10 years. Their original intention toward film never changed. Wa Jai praised Ka Tung's handling of emotional scenes as very outstanding, while Ka Tung joked that after 10 years his salary rose a lot.

Recently Hong Kong has been hot, setting new record high temperature of 36 and 37 degrees Celsius. Wa Jai had to wear sweaters and suit jackets in the heat for the shoot. Co-star Ka Tung also had to wear thick jackets for his action scenes. Because earlier Lau Tak Wa finished all of his scenes at the studio, director Kwan Chi Yiu, action director Chin Kar Lok and Lam Ka Tung all opened bottles of champagne to celebrate with Wa Jai. The director announced that Wa Jai has wrapped up production, thanked him for his hard work and contribution. The entire staff on the set applauded in celebration.

During the champagne opening celebration, Wa Jai had his arm around Ka Tung's shoulder. As he recalled working together again after 10 years, he got even more sentimental. "From FIRESTORM (FUNG BO) to now, everyone can see how great Ka Tung handles his emotions." Ka Tung said that as people matured they should improve. He also humorously said, "From FIRESTORM to now it has already been 10 years. Then to now the changes have truly been drastic, because the salary is higher." Ka Tung admitted that actually he and Wa Jai's spirit and attitude toward film never changed. "Each time after we finished I would ask him, how did you feel about this shot I just did, did I have any room to improve, did I handle it right. I hope to perform even better for the audience, I hope to be even better than the last time." The selling point of this crime film was that it was full of emotional scenes. Wa Jai gave a special recommendation. "Everyone can treat it like a movie about family and friends." Ka Tung added, "With a little romance." Wa Jai pointed out after it would become a hit I DID IT MY WAY absolutely would have a chance for a sequel. Director Kwan then said that there would even be a third film.

In addition, on the day of the production wrap, producer Lau Tak Wa again appeared on the set and toasted the cast and the crew like actors Lam Ka Tung, Peng Yu-Yan, Yam Tat Wa and Cya Liu and director Kwan Chi Yiu and action director Chin Kar Lok with tea in place of wine. Wa Jai gratefully said, "We started around April or May, during this period we experienced many unusual experiences, some happy, some not. However we still made them into happy ones. I hope our characters in the film would become characters everyone want to follow up on, from now on we would make even better ones for everyone to watch." Yam Tat Wa pointed out that the entire team was like a family, the most important was for everyone to be safe at work, and get home safe. Ka Tung described this production process as could not be more fun.

Director Kwan Chi Yiu shared, "With everything we have experienced, the toughest was on the actors. In the scorching heat they still had to wear winter clothes. For actors to focus on acting under this situation absolutely is difficult. Our crew worked hard to fully coordinate in order to achieve our best." Ka Tung joked, "Only I alone wore winter clothes." Wa Jai smiled and corrected Ka Tung, "Was my turtle neck sweater fake?" Action director Chin Kar Lok also chimed in, "I am pleased to work with a group of good Hong Kong elders, we have great producer boss Lau Tak Wa." Peng Yu-Yan also said in Cantonese, "I feel very happy, working with everyone on the movie. I wish good health for everyone. Next time we would make another good movie together. Thank you everyone." After that Wa Jai praised his Cantonese pronunciation as very precise.

The fresh out of the oven Best Actress Cya Liu also shared, "This is the easiest movie I have ever movie, because in the film I wasn't taking a beat." Ka Tung joked, "I am here, the one who beat you is here." Cya responded, "This time in this movie when I see Brother Ka Tung, I am not afraid anymore. Also thank you Brother Wa, who has many scenes with me."

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