Monday, September 20, 2010


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Zhou Xun left Huayi and her first collaboration was with Hong Kong director Pang Ho Cheung, as she worked on the first suspense romance short film that he produced, SEI YEH KEI TAM ji JI GAP DOH YUN MOR (FOUR NIGHT STRANGE TALES: NAIL CLIPPER HUMAN MONSTER). Yesterday afternoon, the team shot in Beijing and held its first visit. Zhou Xun's costume in the film also appeared as well as the film's lead actor Lawrence Chou Chun Wai.

The team earlier released a still of Zhou Xun, as the "Nail Clipper Monster" she had a hair full of short hair and looked cute. Yesterday Zhou Xun was in great spirit and chatted with reporters about girl topics like dressing up and make up. She even stated that she had a dragonfly tattoo near the corner of her right eye for the film's trendy style. It came from a discussion with the designer. "Because I have a scar from falling when I was little, I have always had a dream. The opportunity was right that I can use this cute tattoo to hide the scar." Always stylish, she said that from now she could dress similarly in everyday life but she had to find great glue. "It can't just fall off after awhile."

Did she feel freer after leaving Huayi Brothers? Zhou Xun responded, "I don't feel that, I used to be just as free." She admitted, "Now to me is a new start, I can accept all types of attempt and not just in this circle." Now she has established her own workshop and become her own boss. Although she needed to take care and communicate a lot, Zhou Xun did not feel any bother at all. "Many colleagues have founded their own workshop, like Fan Bingbing, would she ask her for any advice?" Zhou Xun said, "This suggestion can work."

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