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Theresa Fu Wing

Chrissie Chau Sau Na

Chrissie Chau, Jessica C.
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Earlier Theresa Fu Wing revealed in her micro blog that she lost her voice, reportedly her vocal cord had problems. Theresa on her first day on the BEACH SPIKE (YIT LONG KAU OI JIN) shoot inhaled citronella smoke that led to tracheal reaction. Then she worked several overnight shoots and her condition worsened as her vocal cord suffered an infection. After treatment, the doctor said that she was exhausted and led to her vocal cords unable to close properly. She even had problems with her tone and severely lost her voice. Her condition persisted for a month but still has not recovered, as her singing career was forced to come to a halt.

"The doctor told me to properly rest for two months, the most severe was the inability to talk. I had to turn down many shows because I couldn't sing, I lost a lot of money. (Are you afraid that you could never sing again?) No, I am only worried about the uncertainty of recovery time."

"I don't people to think that this is my excuse, are you really sick? Thus I would rather not take certain shows than lip synching. I still have a song that I haven't recorded, I don't know when I will record it. The doctor suggested for me to attend vocal cord therapy lessons, but I haven't had time to rest. After the shoot I would have to take half a month off."

With her singing career coming to a halt, Theresa could only work on her film, as she was busy wrapping up BEACH SPIKE. Earlier she worked on a fierce volleyball match, she flew to save the ball and wonderfully displayed her "career line" that rivaled co-star Chrissie Chau Sau Na. Theresa said that normally she did not exercise much, for this performance she practiced hard. With a tan she said, "Because of the vocal cord problem, the sound recording has been affected. Because I was very soft, I had to provide voice work later for the film."

Chau Sau Na's character stole the show, Theresa said that their characters were completely different. Her character had to superficially play cute, while Chau Sau Na was tougher. She said, "I don't have to be too sexy, I am outmatched in terms of figure." Theresa even received the director's support. He said that she did not have to be too sexy and could still stand out as a comedy character.

Lately Fu Wing, Chau Sau Na and Jessica C. worked together on the film. At first Jessica C. was rumored to be isolated, then Chrissie and Fu Wing were rumored to be fighting over screen time. Fu Wing now even had a "career line" to rival the two co-stars.

Chrissie said, "We are not competing in sexiness, the characters are completely different. She has to play cute, I have to be tough." As for the other "nemesis" Jessica C., Sister Na said, "In the film we are rivals and had argument scenes. I even had a secret trick! (Make her eat the ball?) No! I am really eating balls from the coach!" Jessica C. was full of confidence and generously praised the others, "Every girls have been very nice, Chau Sau Na even taught me Cantonese."

OctoBeez member Hidy who is also in the film said that she did not notice Fu Wing's figure. She said, "I didn't notivce! However Chau Sau Na and Jessica C. were amazing! Whenever I saw her (Fu WIng) she was practicing. We only wore tee shirts and couldn't see anything."

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