Friday, September 10, 2010


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Chrissie Chau Sau Na last night attended an event and looked very tired. She revealed that recently she has been working on two films and worked overnight almost every night. She said that filmmaking was very tough. She even complained that while making BEACH SPIKE (YIT
LONG KAU OI JIN), she often had to play volleyball in a bra top and dove for the ball. The sand scratched her chest and left a lot of wounds and swelling. She described herself as "flying sand running milk" because she often had to dive for the ball in a bikini. She was very embarrassed
but luckily she was prepared and never had any wardrobe malfunction.

Chau Sau Na after last night's event and worked on another film FUN CHIN SI OI (BEFORE MARRIAGE TEST LOVE). No wonder Sister Na who normally was very opinionated was so tired that she only rushed through her usual expertise of interviews.

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